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RF Ablation - one month post procedure

Started by Scope2 on 09/28/2018 7:02pm

Hi, I am new to this site. I had ACDF (C5/C6) in January of this year, but it didn’t seem to address my pain, I’ve had physical therapy, injections, dry needling, you name it. A month ago I had RF ablation done to my C1/C2 and occipital nerve. I originally had the horrible horrible burning for about two weeks. That has decreased, but has been replaced with a constant pain in the back of my neck/skull. So, is it safe to say the ablation didn’t help me? Made it worse?
I had a follow up visit with the pain management doctor last week, and now he’s referring me to a neurologist and a chiropractor.

I wish I never did the ACDF in January, it has only caused more and different pain.

Has anyone else had MORE pain as a result of RF ablation???

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