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L5-S1 spinal fusion , pain back after 4 years help ! going insance

Started by 2jacobusgirls on 09/26/2018 3:16pm

I had this fuison done in 2013 from a car accident and it seems to relived other symtoms but bring on new ones.. btw the weridest one in my feet and hands got bright red and get super hot. I would say it feel like walking on hot coals or holding them with your hands. I have constant pain in my back on the left side it feels like it happening all over again and it seems i;m forver needs shot for pain and they barely touch them.. I'm horrified to to talk to a surgeon since i 'm assuming that they will want to go in and do something on my back.. My surgey that should have been 4 hours eneded up being 8 and 2 weeks post in hospital , I ended up getting my blood pressure so low I was in the cardiac unit and every time i sat up or tried to go to the baTHROOM I WOULD END UP PASSSING OUT. ALSO AS FOR THE RED HANDS AND FEET IT IS NOT NEUROPATHY HAVE BEEN CHECKED FOR THE THAT A FEW TIME.. SCAR TISSUE POSSIBLE HAS GROWN TO FAST >>>

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