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ACDF surgery for C4-7 and Lumbar fusion

Started by Tina J on 09/19/2018 11:52pm

I would like to hear from anyone who has had ACDF surgery AND lumbar fusion as well... This has been recommended to me and I would like to know the out comes for others. Please share your results.

Thank you

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Hi, Tina J! I had ACDF surgery of C5-C7 in Sept. 2014 and lumbar fusion of L3-L5 in April 2017. Is your doc suggesting BOTH of these procedures at once??? If so, I personally think it’s insane! I can’t imagine that much pain at one time!

As far as the ACDF, I have absolutely no pain or limitations. My surgeon said that the rate of success for that is about95%. Just remember that “success” to a surgeon may be different than to us. The surgeon may mean that the problem areas were identified, the disks removed and replaced with cages and the vertebrae stabilized with the plates and screws. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your pain has been relieved completely! It all depends on the right doctor doing the right procedure on the right patient!

I’m 17 mos post-op from my lumbar fusion. That was a huge surgery!! Way harder than the other. Harder in terms of major pain and incredibly slow recovery. I feel reasonably well most of the day. But there are specific movements and situations that produce significant pain for brief periods. I’m expecting that another 6 mos will further reduce my discomfort.

Before you decide what you’re going to do, I’d urge you to research both procedures and get a second opinion, or even a third. Surgery should always be your last choice.

Best wishes!