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Will the pain ever go away"truly go away" after the Mas TLIF surgery?

Started by TiredAndHurting on 09/08/2018 5:10am

From a few other discussions that I have read it seems somewhat like the lottery when it comes to ever truly becoming pain free and able to return to a job that requires alot of manual labor, such as an Electrician, and not like someone that has an office job or teaching job where they can loaf around most of the time and be productive. I had an car accident at no fault of my own that caused sublaxation to the vertebrae as well as disc herniation , and other known back diagnosis . I suffered from the date of accident 1/23/17 until 6/1/18 with progressively worsening back pain and not being able to feel my legs except the nerve pain and random tingling like they were almost permanently asleep, with very bad and progressively worsening issues of Balance loss before I finally had the surgery done, it was the Nuasive Mas TLIF to some it's the lamodectomy of the vertebrae a diacectomy of the disc, and had foramanle work done to make room for the nerves and hardware installed for the fusion as well as the bone cage and bmt material for a faster fusion, I took the leap of faith hoping for the best results possible. Well I am post surgery now a couple months with neuropathy and still having sciatic nerve pain in legs and back pain and all the rest of the pain is still there, to where even taking medication I wake up in tears litterally every night, my neurologist saw me 8 weeks post surgery and threw me to a pain center, and that isn't working out, because of this new law the stop act law, restricting pain managment but that is a totally different subject,but have an appointment to my family doctor. But back to subject, the pain isn't going away , the nerve pain still there , the back pain is still there, the lack of balance there, only difference is I now feel my legs, and they are sore too, not like before where they could stick me with a knife and no feeling. Meanwhile , financially my family has to suffer the state is still doing whatever it is that they do when it comes to long term disability, my life has drastically changed, and not in a good way. But I have learned alot , especially who really is a friend and who is really there for me as for family support and all . It's been a long hard road and I think most of us going through this are champs in my book. Just hoping I hit the lottery and win at this whole healing and be free from pain one day, and hope others do too..

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