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Left arm to hand needle sensation

Started by Bigbars on 09/03/2018 9:20pm

I new to this sight. But have read alot. So back in the 80’s i crushed my right anklefrom a fall. Went threw 4 surgeries would not fuse. Still have broken screws still in my leg. The final out come in 2015 was a rod threw the heel to my leg. Screwed together. I limp around and it swells bad pain. But still work company kept me on. In that fall i messed up lower back lower lumbar bulging and hernunated disc. To this day still. And i had neck surgery also from car accident in 1999 put some plates back there 7,8,9?? Everything has been good untill i hit age 54. Right hand thumb below knukel on top hand aches bad. Then left arm started having like electricity shooting through it and pinky and ring finger knumb constantly. Xray shows bone spurs at 5 and 6?? Man i should have followed threw with disability they denid me 1st time. Premier said they always do that 1st time. My CFO at work said dont file we will figure it out. And now? The left arm and hand starts. Could this lead to peralisis?? What should i do?

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