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Started by Deb07 on 08/31/2018 10:57pm

Hi there! I had L5/S1 surgery in July. What a ride it's a been. If there was an infection to be had , I would get it. I was feeling good 2 weeks after, then got an infection in a suture. It opened and looked like bullet hole. Had to be packed twice a day. Finally it closed, but pain sets in the evening seems like. Going back to work which is a little physical in a few weeks.

I've been going to gym doing walking, etc. But in a pain a few minutes in. I may be push myself a little hard. But anyone else have these type of infections that slowed down recovery? Not sure if I'm ready for work?

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Hi, Deb07--thanks for your ... from SpineUniverse Team
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Hi, Deb07--thanks for your post. We are sorry to read about the challenging start to your recovery.

We are not medical professionals, so we can only assume that the infection you had may set your recovery back a bit. Our best advice is to talk to your doctor about whether your recovery timeline needs to be adjusted to account for your infection. Your doctor may recommend that you delay going back to work --and he or she may also reconsider your activity restrictions.

We commend you for staying active during your recovery--when done correctly, exercise can spark the healing process. But after spine surgery, if you think you are pushing yourself too hard, you likely are. When you feel pain, take a break or try the activity again the next day. Listen to your body and talk to your doctor about what's "normal" in terms of pain during/after exercise and what exercises are ideal for you during this time.

We hope this information helps--and we hope the remainder of your recovery is much smoother!


Thanks for the advice. :)