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New to this site////looking for help please

Started by TrishMD on 08/01/2018 7:04pm

I have been dealing with l lumbar pain for 11 years now. Been through the physical therapy, the back braces, water therapy, chiropractor, etc... Didn't work. So then I started the epaderal injections and been getting them for the past 9 years. As of today 8-1-18, the pain Management told me they can no longer give them to me, because I have been getting them to long and to much steroids in the body will cause other problems. So now the only relief (%) and not 100%, I get is taking pain pills and muscle relaxers. I can't walk far, can't stand no longer then 10 seconds without adjusting my stand for about a total of 2-3 minutes at a time and the same with sitting, can't sleep thru the night without excruciating pain waking me up, my right leg gives out on me at times, and just trying to live minute to minute is just horrifying .
My MRI shows:
Intervertebral disc height loss and desiccation at L4-s1 worst at L5-s1.
L2-3: disc bulge, asymmetrically worse on the left with mild ligamentum flavum hypertrophy
L3-4: disc bulge, ligamentum flavm hypertrophy. Bilateral mild neural foraminal
L4-5: diffuse disc bulge with superimposed central protrusion and laminar fissure with ligamentum flavm hypertrophy and facet arthrosis contributing to canal and bilateral moderate neural foraminal narrowing.
L5-s1: disc bulge, asymmetrically worse on the left. There is a left foraminal extrusion(herniation) with impingement of the exiting L5 nerve. Posterior facet arthropathy contributing to left neural foraminal narrowing.
I have been to three spine surgerons here in North Carolina, I have been told I need surgery, but not by these three surgerons and now I know why, because BCBS has basically said, no spine surgery just keep your patient's on pain pills it's cheaper.
Does anyone have any kind of advise for me on what I can do so I can get my life back. Please help, thank you.

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