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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

Bone infection

Started by Rileysmom on 07/22/2018 1:38am

Hello! I'm new here as I just going to give you a Cliff Notes version of my history.
I am/ was a teacher for a 11 years, before my back started to hurt.
I pregnant with my daughter 2011. I had problems sleeping on my bed, so I slept on the couch. When pushing her out, I broke a little piece of my tail bone. I was a very heavy girl and at my biggest.
Everything was fine. I went back to work and about 3 years later, I noticed that my back was hurting more and mom. I first saw my family doctor, he sent me to an orthopedic doctor. Did an MRI, the P.A. said MRI looked fine. He sent me over to a pain management doctor. The doctor pulled MRI up and said I had two annular tears and a herniated disc at L4 5L/SI. He did all of his injections and a trial stimulator. None which worked. I saw a neurosurgeon, which said I needed a lumbar fusion.
I had to appeal the insurance several times bc they would approve the surgery. I saw 4 different surgerons, 3 pain management doctors and three physical therapy. All of who agree that the lumbar spine fusion we my only option.

I found this wonderful place called Virginia Spine Institute. Within 6 weeks, I had the surgery. I felt good surgery. A couple of weeks go by and my nerve pain down my legs were hurting, weakness and I felt a couple of times. They did to epidural shots which helped my legs but aggravated my back pain. I waited 10 months so that my Fusion could help the bone would heal. I had a surgery to remove part of the hardware. Two weeks post surgery I ended up having a staph infection.
My back is still hurting and they still having the nerve pain down my legs. I am being seen to get a nuclear bone scan and a gilliam's test.
Hopefully, we will have answers to what is going on with my back.
I am tired of being a spectator in my life I'm ready to be a participant and do all the things that a mother and wife should do.
So at this point, I am waiting for the bone test and the gallium scan and we will go from there.
Everybody at Virginia spine Institute has been amazing, 100% supportive and great bedside manner.
Has anyone had a bone scan or a gallium scan? I am concerned about these tests.

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Hello, Rileysmom--thank you for your post. We understand your fear about having a bone scan--it's not as commonly used as an x-ray, for example.

A bone scan can help your doctor diagnose or rule out several back problems (including infection). We haven't personally had a bone scan, but we do have a few articles to help you learn more about this imaging test: ( Bone Scan )
( Diagnostic Tests: Bone Density, Nerve Function, Discography, Lab Tests )

You seem very proactive about your health, and it sounds like you have an excellent medical team caring for you. This test will help both you and your doctor learn more. Keep us posted on what you find out--we wish you the best!