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Herniated discs..

Started by Sarah4108 on 06/28/2018 12:46am

I'm now up to about 5 herniated discs; 4 in my back & 1 in the middle of my neck and have a question or two. Depending on my medication is fine but what happens when I become more immune to it? Just take another pill?
I was crushed years ago and I'm looking for ways to find pain relief outside of only medication. I also have chronic insomnia so my pain medication also helps with the side effects but what happens when they stop working? 52 days straight of no sleep because I was too young when it happened and I'm getting used to my pain medication right now. I also have degenerative disc disease along with 3 fractures to my pelvis, ribs, back etc.
The scary part is that I'm growing out of chronic urticaria and got allergic to 6 pain-bone inflammation medications already. A low thyroid doesn't help much either. Also as I'm only 28 years old, I've had just as much arthritis a 50-60 year old would have at their age.
I only brought up my health because I'm really trying to get the full picture of using a hot tub and if it's even worth it. I can't do too many excersizes and humidity can get me light headed but I can try to get used to it.

Is time in a hot tub really worth it? Has anyone gained much of anything from time in a hot tub? Pain relief, decreased bone inflammation at all? My doctors say it will help but honestly? Will it make any difference? Even with degenerative disk disease? Almost none on bone with my back. I lifted wrong and sprained it a few weeks ago so even after 10 years, my back still has surprises.
Sorry for the length and thanks for reading this.

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Hi, Sarah4108--thanks for your question about treatments for herniated discs. If you're looking to explore non-surgical options outside of medication, there are several things you can try.

Even if you're unable to exercise, it may be worthwhile to meet with a physical therapist to try out some passive therapies to speed healing. Examples of passive therapies include deep tissue massage or spending time in the hot tub like you mentioned. You can read more about these therapies here: ( Physical Therapy for Herniated Discs ).

You may also be interested in checking out this article about alternative therapies: ( Alternative Treatments for Herniated Disc ). Many people overlook these treatments when looking for different ways to reduce herniated disc pain, but they may be effective for you.

We hope this information helps as you seek out different ways to ease your herniated disc pain. We hope some of these ideas work for you!


Hi Sarah4018! I'm so sorry you are going through so much! I love the link that was given to you for more information! I'm very passionate about this subject myself; I'm 47 and I woke up with neck pain back in April and it shot down the left side of my back; left of my spine. I went to PT, my family doctor and three pain Specialists. I demanded to have an MRI done to see what was wrong, no one wanted to treat me except for pain meds. We learned that I have two herniacted discs, C3 and C7 that are pushing on a nerve. I had to go on disability for four months. I coulnd't move, drive or work. It was awful! I even had steroid shots; one worked for my muscle spasms, but the other one did not. All of my doctors told me NOT to see a chiropractor. Well, I wasn't any better and I got tired of it. I put my foot down and found a chiropractor. He told me could help me and it would take time. I've been seeing him for two months now and I'm so much better!! I work, drive and sit most of the day {we all have to stretch during the day}. Do what the link says, but I also recommend a chiropractor. Insurance covers it and no referral is needed. If he can't help you, he'll tell you what doctor can and possibly refer you. You can do whatever feels best. Hot tubs, ice, heating pad...anything that works. Keep me posted!


Sylvester all of your doctors told you not to see a chiropractor for nerve damage and disc damage because you can do PERMANENT irreparable damage and make discs and cord damage way way worse from going to a chiropractor so quit going on everyone's posts and telling them to do just that. The doctors tell nerve and disc damaged patients to stay away form chiropractors for a reason. I had permanent damage from going to a chiropractor and almost lost the use of my right arm.