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Posted in: Back pain, Sciatica, and Surgery.

L5-S1 fusion question

Started by Ravensfan89 on 06/18/2018 7:07am

Hello all. My names Jordan and I recently had a L5-S1 fusion done to repair a slipped vertebrae. It was bad and it caused pain while standing for long periods of time. However after the surgery, I don’t have the issues with standing anymore, now though the sciatic nerve pain happens when laying down, for example to go to bed. I don’t have the greatest mattress in the world so I’m hoping that could be an issue... But a question I have is one what kind of mattress are people using who have had this procedure done. And two, how many other people have had this issue or am I the only one?

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Hi, Jordan--thanks for your question about mattresses for sciatica pain. It's smart to think about updating your mattress--a soft and lumpy mattress won't support your spine as well as you need it to you when you have sciatica.

Here is some information you can use when purchasing a mattress with your spine in mind:
( 5 Mattress Buying Tips to Reduce Back Pain and Improve Sleep )
( Save Your Back with Sleep )

We hope this information helps as you consider a new mattress purchase. We hope more nights of restful sleep are in your future!