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Started by Sheristarsharonshar on 06/05/2018 12:15pm

Hi everyone. I’m new on here and hope to find similar people on here with DDD. I’m going through so much pain that it’s hard to sit sleep and stand for a long time. I already sit with a pillow behind my back, I sleep with a pillow between my legs and standing or walking for over 30 minutes starts to give me serious pain. I’m loosing my mind because this pain is getting out of hand and I’m starting to feel like I can’t take anymore of this pain. I take Tylenol but I literally have moments when I’m just curled up crying

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The little blue ice things are nice when going to sleep. Putting them on the areas of pain for awhile help.
I use a tube like pillow and place it sometimes below my hip bones or just above them when I sleep. This helps keep my back straighter and in line when sleeping. Currently I’m using one of those Bamboo pillow things designed for the neck but it wraps around nice.
I can’t sit either but leaning back on a lazy boy at a bout 45 degrees takes a lot of pressure off. It’s good to have a pillow so your not slouching.
Laying down on your back with a pillow under the small of your back for 15 minutes has been shown to increase disc space. Sadly it isn’t permanent though..
I don’t know how you feel about this but I would say go see a pain management doctor. It sucks but They may help you to get some of your life back.


Me too. Ask for better medication. Meloxicam and Lyrica together with Cymbalta help me to cry less. It hurts. Good luck.


I'm curious about what your physician has offered. Has that person suggested surgery at this point? Or are non-surgical options the only ones you've been offered. After years of slowly and steadily developing DDD, I had a 16-level spinal fusion with rods and screws. The recovery was brutal, but I haven't had a day of pain in my back since I recovered from the surgery (which took months). I would suggest getting a second opinion if your physician doesn't seem to be offering solutions. Best wishes --