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Back pain 20 years post op

Started by Ashley816 on 04/26/2018 2:02pm

I was diagnosed with scoliosis back in 1998 when I was ten years old. I had a spinal fusion done and Harrington rods put in the same year. They pretty much go all the way down my spine except for a little at the top and bottom. ( sorry I don’t know the exact vertebrae) but 20 years and 3 kids later, I am having terrible back pain. I’ve always had some sort of pain but recently at times it has become unbearable. I have horrible aches in my upper and lower back, neck pain, pain in my shoulders and shoulder blades and pain where the bone was taken from my pelvis. I am a stay at home mom and have three young children- 5,4, and 1 so of course lifting them , chasing them around and the constant bending from having to pick them up, clean up toys, housework etc doesn’t help with my pain but I really have no choice. I’ve tried 800mg ibuprofen which I had left over from dental work, otc pain patches, creams, a heating pad, and none of it really helps me. I recently went to an orthopedic doctor for a check up for the first time in years just to make sure everything was still in place and to make sure there were no issues . I was honestly expecting him to help me deal with the pain in some way but instead he told me it was a “postural issue”, and told me to exercise. He said that everything looked good with the hardware and he sent me on my way. He really told me no ways to deal with the pain at home besides the exercises and I really can’t even do them because I can not bend my back at all. Of course with this whole pain medicine thing going on right now, he didn’t offer me any of that and really no solution to my problem. He made me feel like it was just something I had to deal with and some days I feel like I just can’t. I’m wondering if anyone else out there is in a similar situation and could tell me what they do or think I should do about this pain. Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Ashley, I have scoliosis and because of degenerative disc disease, I had a total spinal fusion with rods, screws, the whole 9 yards. I am 69 years old and had this done 20 years ago. Yes, I am in pretty much constant pain, but it sometimes isn't quite so intense. In 2013, I started seeing a pain doctor and he has helped me cope. I take narcotic pain medicine but it is very closely monitored. I also take muscle relaxers, an antidepresent, and last year he put in a spinal cord stimulater, which helps somewhat. What I am saying is don't settle for just one doctors opinion. I also just lately started laying down in the afternoon for a couple of hours along with my pain meds and that helps alot. My sweet understanding husband of 50 years helps alot and never complains if I am having a bad day. And most importantly for me, God helps me every step of the way. I couldn't make it without Him! I'm sorry you are having to go thru this, but since you are, be your own best advocate. Only you are inside your body, so only you know how your pain feels! Get some pain meds as soon as you can. There is no need to suffer if you don't have to.


Follow the doctor's suggestion.