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They call me "Target Practice"

Started by Queenm34 on 03/29/2018 8:11pm

Hello everyone,

As you can tell, I have a twisted sense of humor. Please don't take offense, as it is a coping mechanism. I am a RN (trauma/ICU), a horse person, single mom, on 6 acres, with chickens, my dog, horses, squirrels (rehabber), and 3 cats. Yes, I'm fluffy, but I've always been active and before my 2, yes TWO near fatal car accidents, my life is changing before my eyes!

3-31-17, my father and I were coming back from the feed store when a 19yr old T-boned us, causing us to slide across the highway (Thank GOD oncoming traffic was able to stop), we hit the ditch and rolled 4x landing on the trucks roof. I fractured C2 thru 5, but thgat did not stop nurse ratchet from barking orders at everyone while bleeding profusely from the large lac above my left eye. LOL

After 3 months in the lovely collar, I was released from restrictions. Well, I took a travel nursing job in September which had me working in Arkansas on the weekends. While driving home to my daughter 01-16-18, I was rear ended by a Semi that was driving too fast on ice.

I NOW have herniations from C3 thru 5, and because the Ortho doc only wanted me to do PT for everything, even though I kept telling him I was having more pain walking than the radiculopathy in both my arms, the headache, pain in my biceps, etc. I was previously seeing pain management (a physician whose pts I cared for that witnessed me having PT work on my shoulders repetitively and offered help), so I went to see him and am waiting on the lumbar MRI.

Anyway, I can't hold anything for long without pain and numbness in my arms/hands. They wake me up at night. I can't stand for any period of time without my butt/legs/feet hurting or going numb. I can't do anything without my lower back causing pain. I don't even sleep well.

I'm actually terrified about even returning to ADLs , (I NOW have a chair in the kitchen), but what bothers me more is I'm not sure how I'm going to return to my career. This whole thing is just frustrating.

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