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Possible Failed Revision Surgery

Started by Archeun1980 on 03/26/2018 12:43pm

Good afternoon everyone:

In 2015, I had a posterior spinal fusion. By late 2015, it was discovered it had failed. I finally underwent a revision fusion in early 2017. I have been experiencing some severe pain and a recent CT scan has shown that I do not have a full fusion this time either. I've developed Pseudoarthrosis TWICE.

What are the chances that this could occur? Has anyone ever undergone this as well?

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Hello, Archeun1980--thank you for your questions. We are so sorry to read about your second failed spinal fusion.

In terms of how likely it is to have subsequent failed fusion, it may depend on whether you have certain factors that influence spinal fusion. Your age, underlying medical conditions (eg, diabetes, osteoporosis), any vitamin deficiencies, and smoking status can play a role in whether you have a successful fusion. Multi-level fusions are also at greater risk of pseudoarthrosis.

We don't know if you're a smoker, but this article shares a bit more about the factors that affect fusion success: ( Cigarette Smoking and Its Impact on Spinal Fusions )

We hope this information is helps!