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Need advice on applying for social security disability benefits

Started by Alohagurl on 03/20/2018 6:50pm

I have severe spinal stenosis, ddd and osteoarthritis. I’m a 56 old hairdresser who hasn’t been able to work for over a year. I am ambulatory but not for long periods of time. I can’t stand for more than 10 minutes without having to sit. I can’t sit without having to get up and walking for a short bit with major back pain the longer I walk. Laying down causes numbness.

I have been seeing my pcp & a doc at the pain clinic. I received my first of 3 injections in the lower back today. I was diagnosed years ago, but my insurance wouldn’t cover injections or even physical therapy. My new insurance is letting me receive new ways of relief from pain.

I haven’t approached my pcp yet about disability and am scared to bring it up. She says I have the back of an old woman. I know I should wait a bit and receive all injections.

Not sure if I should get a lawyer or wing it on my own.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks Debbie

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Hi Debbie

I can't answer your question directly, but there is some useful info in the following link. I hope the injections are working..



I’ve had 4 back surgeries and going to have a 5th near the end of April. Last January my surgeon put 2-15” rods and 24 screws in my back from T7 down to my pelvic bone. 3 weeks ago I bent over and broke one of the rods so the next surgery the surgeon will repair or replace the rods. My first surgery was in 2014. I never returned to work after the first surgery. I went on LTD in early 2015. The insurance company ask me to apply for Social Security disability. I’m 60 years old so I’m still capable of working if I could. I applied for SSDisabilyh and was denied. I appealed it twice and ended up in court where a Judge ruled in my favor. Not only did I get SS, I also got back pay from the day I was disabled. I actually get more SS on disability than I would if I waited to collect at 70. You should apply and if you get denied, appeal it and let a Judge rule for you.