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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

6 weeks Post of ALIF Surgery

Started by Mferg on 03/16/2018 5:07pm

I'm 6 weeks post Op from ALIF Surgery. I'm 56 years old and surgery was L5/S1. I'm doing pretty well and I think the problem was fixed. No more leg pain or numbness in the feet. The Pain in my back I'm assuming is just recovery pain. I started PT last week so that set me back a little. I'm curious if hip pain is associated with recovery. I'm having a hard time sleeping because no matter what side I lay on I get extreme hip pain. I'm still on pain meds 3x day but they don't seem to help the pain in my hips at night.

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Advice from hard experience.
I had my L5/S1 fused in 1999, I was passing blood so I wasn't allowed to go back to work or do PT for 8 months while my health board decided to fix me. By 10 weeks I was taking no pain relief at all, zero relief in a week the only exercise I used was walking later I used swimming as well. I had 10 years of magic from that operation!!!!!! I can't put enough exclamation marks I had lived through 20 years of hell before having it. I have had operations since and forced back to work and had all the symptoms you describe.
The moral of the story is.
* It takes a year plus to get really going.
* Medical people will not give wise advice because they have to live with the insurance companies.
* Once you have upset it it will take quite a while to come right.
* Think real careful about your job, Medical people will NOT advice you till too late. They have to live with insurance companies, lobby groups, and governments, a bit awkward.

Best of luck bro!!!


Hi, Mferg--thanks for your post! It sounds like you've had a successful surgery and recovery thus far, but we are sorry to read about your hip pain. Have you talked to your surgeon or physical therapist about this new pain? Your physical therapist may be able to teach you movements to ease your hip pain, and your surgeon may be able to share whether this is a common complaint after ALIF surgery.

We're curious to hear what you learn. Keep us posted on how you're doing!