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Undiagnosed back injury

Started by Super Spur on 03/05/2018 12:22pm

I injured my back in the weight room in August 2017, stupidly did not stop training.
October was in so much pain I had to take three months off work, am still struggling and I’m a lot of pain some days. I had an mri and a spect ct scan, all these really show are two mildly degenerated discs , one slightly bulged but not touching any nerves.
I’ve been pretty much written off by dr’s with pain meds and physio, although I find it hard to get my head around recovering without a diagnosis.
I’m looking at seeing a pain management dr , to see if they can assist,.
Had anyone had anything similar? And if so does the pain management route sound like a reasonable one? As I will be self funding?

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Hi, Super Spur--thank you for your post! We are sorry to read about the trouble you've had searching for the cause of your back pain. It can be very discouraging--and hard to adhere to treatment--when you don't know the root cause of your pain.

Have any of the treatments you've tried (you mentioned PT and medication) helped at all? Have you seen a spine specialist about your pain? If not, perhaps seeing a practitioner with spine expertise would yield a clearer answer to what's causing your pain.

We wish we could offer a first-hand experience similar to what you're going through, but our best advice is to see a spine specialist and follow the treatment recommendations. Sometimes, treatments like PT may take a few weeks or months to reveal any measurable improvement.

We hope this helps and wish you the very best as you seek a diagnosis!