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Back weakness after Lumbar Interlaminar Discectomy L4/L5

Started by MohsinAfsar on 02/23/2018 12:32pm

Hi guys,

I had L4/L5 Discectomy before 6 weeks on 9 January 2018, I am recovering in good state, my leg pain is gone but now I am facing some new issues, when I use to wake up from my bed I usually experience more weakness in my lower back, it's not same as pain before surgery, it's like weakness, due to which I face hard time to get up from my bed, after getting up from my bed this weakness last for only few minutes, I am scared why this weakness at lower back is happening after Discectomy surgery and is it normal to have after surgery, is there someone who has face this issue? How long will this weakness will last?

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Hi, MohsinAfsar--We are sorry to read about the low back weakness you experienced after your discectomy. If new symptoms arise after surgery, it's a good idea to call your surgeon to find out if it's cause for concern. Have you told your surgeon about this?

Sometimes, nerve-related symptoms like weakness arise after spine surgery, but they may take a few weeks or months to resolve.

How are you feeling now? Is the weakness still there? Let us know how you're doing.


Yep!Had it done 3 years ago but I blow My L4 L5 out landed on that L1 nerve. Got worse for me as weak leg and muscle spasms and numbness.


I had 2 L-5 discectomy and the numbness never went away but got worst now seeing that my surgery failed and now I’m worse off than before surgery but plz spend time writing down everything and tell him even the littlest things and if you’re having bladder issues you call sooner cause that’s a sign of nerve damage. I hope everything works out fine for you and always keep a journal.