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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

L5/S1 Plif

Started by Jbcadcam on 02/18/2018 11:30pm

Just wanted to leave a positive encouraging post. Im 18 days post op plif, I started feeling great a few days ago. The first week was agonizing! I cannot believe I have come so far in just a few weeks. My spine feels very weak, but pain levels continue to drop. It seems when I began walking 2 miles a day the pain lessened the following days. Most of the pain I have is in mornings and evenings. So far a success, but knowing ive got a long ways to go. For anyone out there contemplating this surgery, its very tough but it is possible to have low pain levels. Just be sure and exhaust conservative treatments first! I waited 10 years for this surgery...I tried to avoid it, but just couldnt live life getting sedentary and gaining weight bc I could no longer enjoy my hobbies and getting tired of struggling through the work week bc of the pain..good luck

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You are right walking is your friend with this operation, I did as I was used to doing it I did a lot of walking, and had years of magic from this operation. So many people come here because they have trouble so there should be more positive posts. Just be careful you will get going slower than you would like from here. Best of luck!!!


Hi, Jbcadcam--thank you for your encouraging post! It's great to hear spine surgery success stories, and your words of wisdom will surely help others contemplating spine surgery.

We hope you continue to enjoy success in your recovery and beyond!