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L5 S1 spinal fusion pain after 7 years

Started by Annie0000 on 01/08/2018 1:42pm

I had my surgery in July of 2011. They did a fusion of L5 S1. Some how though, they left my spinal fluid sack open so I was not able to stand up at all. Everytime I tried, I would have really painful headaches. The doctor said it would go away but it never did. So, we went back in and they decided to go back in and patch it up. The second surgery was in August of 2011. I did about a year and a half of therapy and then began swimming after to continue to help my body heal. Ever since then I have had the occasional back aches and stiffness. But starting 2016, the pain began to become more frequent and there were times I could hardly move because of the pain. I went to a pt to help, and it worked for some time. In November of 2017 I had a really bad back spasm in which it was extremly difficult to walk. It took me about a month to recover with the help of pt. Although, I have been in great amounts of pain since then in the same area where I had the surgery done. I have heard about situations in which people need to fuse the next vertibrae, and I am worried that I might be in this situation. Is there any other possible explanation or could this be what I am looking at?

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Hi, Annie0000--thanks for your post. The situation you noted--adjacent segment disease--may develop after years after spinal fusion, but the only way to know for sure is with imaging tests. Have you talked to your doctor about getting a CT scan or MRI to rule out any problems around the fused area?

Also, you might find this article about pain after spine surgery interesting: ( I'm in Pain Now—Is My Spine Surgery to Blame? ). It provides some expert advice on how to proceed if you are having pain at a surgery site.

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