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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Surgery.

L4-L5 fusion recovery

Started by Tocicely on 11/25/2017 1:46pm

Im new to the community. I did a Google search for fusion recovery as I was in our Jeep, on our 3.5 hour drive to our cabin, in agony as my sciatica started heavily humming down my right leg. It's not bothered me in a while. I need L4-L5 fusion, and Im just trying to plan, as my 18 year old son, is scheduled May 29 for Scoliosis fusion. I am still driving my 15 year old daughter to and from school, and as my chronic pain worsens now, exasperated by now riding horses the past 3 years..Im trying to figure MY plan. How long before I can drive a car? Im SOO looking forward to this surgery. Im too young to feel this BAD :( I turn 54 in two weeks..any advice, info greatly appreciated..

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Hi, Tocicely--thanks for your post and welcome to our Community! We hope others who have gone through fusion surgery for sciatica chime in to share their experiences with you.

In terms of when you'll be cleared to drive, that depends on several factors--and the type of spine surgery you have (open or minimally invasive) is a big one. Your surgeon will give you the best recommendation based on your specific situation.

We don't have a personal story to share, but we have some resources that we hope will aid you during recovery and beyond:
( Driving and Back Care )--these are great tips to ward off back pain when you're cleared to drive after surgery
( 7 Meal Plan Tips for Spine Surgery Recovery )--for a speedy recovery.
( 10 Tips for Recovering at Home after Outpatient Spine Surgery )--though you may not be getting your surgery performed in an outpatient spine center, these tips may still be valuable to you.

We hope this information helps, and we wish you the very best!