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Spinal Stenosis + Muscle Spasms

Started by Aarvay on 11/19/2017 9:49pm


I have recently received the diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis:

My story started two years ago (November 2015) when I stood up from a chair, felt a horrible pain in my lower back, went to the ground, and began to have gripping 'spasms' in the lower back. When I was able to get out of the hospital bed 2 days later, I was visibly out of alignment with one shoulder lower and one hip higher. I recovered in about 1 weeks time. A follow up MRI showed no back issues at this time. I had just gotten back from a Europe trip (including Egypt).

After that day everything changed! I feel and see muscle spasms or fasciculations everyday, in all different areas of my body (feet, legs, upper back, arms, hands and left side of face). These aren't painful but can make me sore and weak in the area. Along with the daily spasms I have had odd medical issues arise that have stumped my doctors: enlarged thyroid, celiac diagnosis, pcos diagnosis, enlarged lymph nodes, hand weakness, itchy skin, low vitamin d, reactive c protein levels, and tiredness. (Ms has been ruled out)

After almost two years of no big events, I have had two major back spasms in the past 60 days: the first I recovered in about a week (like the very first), and the second I have still not fully recovered 30 days later. The spinal stenosis diagnosis came one week ago after another MRI. My doctors say this may account for my leg spasms but not all the offer issues. I am now in daily pain.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is there an overall issue that could have caused the stenosis? Two years doesn't seem very long for a good back to go to a bad back since I'm only 26.

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Hello, Aarvay--thank you for taking the time to post. We don't have any personal experiences to share, but we would like to pass along some resources that we hope will help you learn more about spinal stenosis and ways to relieve some of pain you're experiencing.

You asked about what may have caused your spinal stenosis. The most common cause of this condition is wear and tear on your spine due to aging. Seeing as you're 26, that likely isn't the case for you. Injury is another possible cause of spinal stenosis. You can read more about the most common causes of this condition here:
( Causes of Spinal Stenosis )

We'd also like to share this one-stop-shop spinal stenosis resource with you:
( Spinal Stenosis Animation ). We think this resource does a great job of not only helping you visualize what spinal stenosis is, but it includes all the basics of this condition all in one place: the symptoms (many of those listed in the article are ones you noted in your post) and treatments.

And, finally, you mentioned experiencing several muscle spasms over the past few years. This resource tells you a bit more about what muscle spasms are and includes some things you can do to reduce muscle spasm pain: ( Muscle Spasms are a Leading Cause of Back Pain But NOT the Primary Cause ).

We'd like to reassure you that you have several effective treatment options for spinal stenosis--and most people don't need surgery. We hope this information helps, and we wish you the very best!