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Posted in: Back pain, Sciatica, and Surgery.

L4/L5 Lumbar Fusion

Started by Robo on 11/02/2017 4:10pm

I am new here and just trying to find some answers, I could write a book on my back surgery but really trying to find out if the surgery I had is normal, I had an L4/L5 lumbar fusion and had the pain come back about 3 months after the surgery, went back to the Doctor and he informed me it looked good but would give me a shot to see if that helped but also informed me that he might not be there when I came back as he was thinking about going to another practice. It didn't help, which none of the other shots before did anything so I was not surprised. Ended up going to other Doctors as none would tell me the same thing, which I thought was very strange. Went to see a Neurosurgeon and was telling him the story about the issues that I have had and he looked at me like I was crazy until he looked at my MRI and the look on his face suddenly changed and he informed me that instead of putting pins and rods on both sides of the disk, there was only one on the left side, which is where I still have the pain going down my left leg. My question is, has anyone heard of doing a lumbar fusion and not putting pins and rods on both sides of the fusion ? I can't find anything about only doing one side and to me it would not make sense not to do both sides for stability
Thank You for any advise

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Hi, Robert--this is an interesting question. We're not medical professionals, so we can't answer definitively as to whether the instrumentation was implanted properly. However, your neurosurgeon may have discovered something about your surgery that you should pursue further.

Do you have any idea where the surgeon who performed the fusion is located so you can get his perspective on why he implanted the instrumentation the way he did? If not, can the other surgeons you've seen provide some information related to why only one side was stabilized with instrumentation?

We hope these questions help prompt some information and answers for you! We wish you the very best.