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Started by bakerman on 10/22/2017 2:12am

1990 I could not move and there for I could not get out of bed and the was the beginning of 27 yrs of different levels of pain and agony not to mention 5 back surgeries. I worked through 4 of them up to 2001 cause I had 2 daughters to finish raising. My last and worst and most painful recovery. The pain during recovery was pure hell and very difficult for my family. That was April 7th 2016. Today 10/18/2017 things are much different . The pain is different. My spine hurts so bad and at the same time it feels kinda like jello. That is if the pain is coming from my spinal cord. I don't even know if that is a thing. Of course my siatic gives me a good amount of pain but my left toes can hurt so bad at times. The odd thing is the slightest amount of breeze on my feet cause the toes to feel like they are in a vice. I'm on a 100 and a 75 mgc/hr Fentanyl Transdermal system and of course my break through pain pills . I live and fight for my daughters and grandchildren cause when I get to see them I am the happiest grandpa in the world. I am 61 yrs. Old. Through other 90%of my time is mostly hell. If anyone knows abouts spinal pain and what can be done about it I would be happy to hear your thoughts.
Thank You
Ronald Nelson

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Hello, bakerman--thank you for your post. We are so sorry to read about how your DDD has affected your quality of life.

We have a lot of information about treatments for DDD that we're happy to share with you. You mention already having surgery and being on medication, so we'd like to share an article that includes some therapies you may not have explored yet: ( Alternative Treatments for Degenerative Disc Disease ).

Also, have you talked to your doctor about forms of physical therapy that might help? We know it sounds crazy to think of activity when you're in pain, but we're not talking strenuous activity--we're talking massage and gentle exercise like hydrotherapy. This article has some great information on ways to reduce pain by strengthening your back:
( Physical Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease ).

We hope this information sheds light on some new treatments that might be of interest and may help. Keep us posted if you try any of these therapies. We wish you the very best!