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ACDF 6-7 Three weeks out

Started by RobinB on 09/26/2017 4:09pm

Three weeks out of surgery (I have 2 cages, two plates and six screws ). Still have numbness in left pinkie and ring finger with atrophy. Range of motion is good, but have pain in the middle of my back. Have spinal stenosis in L7/8. Is this pain normal? I have X-rays tomorrow, and see the surgeon on Thursday. Still in cervical collar and no driving ... Is this pain normal?

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Hi, RobinB--thanks for your post! The short answer to your questions is yes, most likely your pain is normal. Spine surgery is a major operation that takes many months to heal. It sounds like your recovery is going well so far, but it will take some more time for the pain to subside.

Here's a good article about cervical spine surgery recovery that you may find interesting: ( Cervical Spine Surgery: Home Care and Neck Health Maintenance ).

Your x-rays will confirm that all is going well with your recovery, and your doctor may also say that the pain you're experiencing is normal. Although it is typical to experience post-surgical pain, don't ignore when pain becomes hard to bear or if new pain/symptoms develop. You should give your doctor a call if those things happen to make sure that your recovery is going as planned.

We hope this information helps and wish you the best for a successful recovery!