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Lyrica as opposed to L4 L5 S1 two level fusion

Started by jayxansky on 08/30/2017 9:17am

Hi. I need advise. Im 42 yr old fem. Had rhizotony in Feb but it made no difference. Saw another Neurosurgeon last week. I have been on tramahexal, nuzak and dopaquel close to a year to help with pain. My problem is a degenerated spine. L4, L5 AND S1.

Dr gave me 3 options. Live with pain, lyrica on long term or surgery. My decision is surgery OR Lyrica but I cant decide. Mri report said spondylosis. Physio just hurt me and I dont feel positive starting more exercises with Biokinect. She also hurt me lots just by examining me. Was down for 3 days.

Please advise. What is best option. I have a job that needs high concentration and alert and I sit most of time. In a managerial post. Also married with 3 kids aged 8, 12 and 14. They need me. Is surgery best option? I dont want to be doped with meds nor can I live in pain. My family life, marriage and career suffers. Is there hope?

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Hi, Jayxansky, in my experience, surgery should always be your last resort. Lumbar fusion surgery is a BIG deal! Recovery is extremely painful and can take a year or more before you feel totally "normal." You will need physical therapy too. If Lyrica works for you, I'd definitely try that first!


Hi, jayxansky--thank you for your post! We'd like to echo what BonnieRae said: Surgery should be viewed as a last resort. Spine surgery is a major operation, and it's not a quick fix. In fact, it may not completely eliminate your pain.

That's not to say that spine surgery should be off the table. For many people, spine surgery is necessary to restore function, reduce pain, and improve quality of life.

We have some great resources written by a spine surgeon that may help create some realistic expectations about what spine surgery can--and can't--do:

( What Spine Surgery Can and Cannot Fix )
( When is Spine Surgery the Next Right Step? )

These are just 2 posts we thought might apply to your situation, but you can access all the posts from Dr. Anand's blog here: ( Spine Surgery Advice )

We hope these articles help as you weigh this very big decision! We wish you the very best.


Hi, 40yr female here with spinal stenosis due to degenerated L4/L5 (and others are deteriorating but still exist). I use Lyrica as surgery is a last resort and my Neurosurgeon says to hold off as long as possible since new technology is being developed. Once the spine is fused, there's no going back.

I have no problems on the Lyrica in terms on concentration or focus. It does exasberate my OCD of all things. Life isn't perfect on It, but it greatly reduced the intense burning nerve pains down my leg. Funny enough, once it takes effect, I can feel which pains that remain are joint/muscle issues and not nerve related.

I hear you on the pain from physio and massage. I am fearful too since they usually hurt me. However, I have found one that is very good at working with my body with only a day of downtime afterwards.

Best of luck.