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consent sciatica pain after surgery

Started by windmill40 on 08/29/2017 1:43pm

Hi guys i am just knew on this forum, is anyone in the same boat as me. I had surgery for two prolapsed disks but have nerve root damage. Which is causing me every day sciatic pain and often leg spasms . Operation two years ago and now not able to return to my job that i did for 22 years. I am age 42

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Hi, windmill40--we are so sorry to read about your sciatica pain. The pain of sciatica is simply terrible, and to deal with that every day must take a huge toll on your quality of life.

You mention dealing with this pain on a constant basis. Are you in contact with your doctor about this? What treatments are you currently using to reduce your pain?

We'd like to share our sciatica video library with you: ( https://www.spineuniverse.com/videos/sci... ). This link includes link to expert-led information on sciatica and some great exercises that might help relieve your nerve pain.

Spinal pain is complex. In some cases, you may never completely rid yourself of pain--but there are many treatment available (and non-surgical at that) that can effectively reduce your pain, allow you to work, and restore your daily activity level.

We hope this information helps and wish you the best of luck!