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Posted in: Back pain, Herniated disc, and Surgery.

Lumbar APLF Sugery Healing 8-2017

Started by hurtback2006 on 08/27/2017 3:09pm

I just had another back fusion, I was on a bus accident in 2006 so have had to have 6 back surgeries over 10 yrs. Just wanted to let some people to know what to look for, good and bad. You can contact me for more information at hope92020@gmail if. You dont find answer here. If anterior post fusion, you continue to to feel a stabbing pain on your left side and having hard time walking see your doctor .It could be your screws poking you, so see your doctor ask if back haa healed after a year can he remove the screws. It happened to me, my prio doctor that did surgery left me hanging and for 5 0yrs I was in so much pain when stood, walked, or moved. I learned they could have been out a year after surgery, not all can be but mine could the. Great New Dr. I found removed them, As soon as they were removed I was 80 percent better. Then little by little was walking further abd further, after 2 years was off all pain medication, I was on high dosages of pain meds before screws were removed, it took time to lower them but, was so much better.
Also if you had a back fusion and they used cadaver bone for your fusion and you are very weak or falling after surgery see your Dr. asap if you can't go to ER tell them you had back surgery and have them do an MRI or CT Xrays dont always give best view, I had no idea that my bone was not growing with cadaver bone the first time, I had so much pain in my back couldnt walk or stand hand to crawl EVERYWHERE, and people would act. like I was faking it and told me go get more pt before the doctor learned after in the hospital and taking ct scans. If this just helps one person not have to go through extra pain
or injury I am glad. If you have questions please message me, and sending well wishes to everyone. Traci

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Thank you for sharing your spine surgery experience with our Community, Traci! We're sure your advice will help other visitors embarking on this procedure.

Sending you our best wishes for continued health!