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Post T2-T3 Laminectomy

Started by KathyRobinson on 08/18/2017 4:33pm

Let me start by saying, I have had multiple surgeries over the years, Hysterectomy, Gallbladder, Knee Scope...NOTHING has been as difficult to recover from as this surgery!! I have had my butt kicked since 5/5/17. The surgery and recovery are BRUTAL. I have a 4" incision between my shoulder blades and still have restrictions on what i can do with my arms. Immediately after surgery i could lift nothing heavier than a plate of food an do nothing above shoulder level or reaching outward. Still have muscle spasms but is improving with physical therapy. This all started last November with a itching, tingling sensation by my right shoulder blade, eventually the strange sensation wrapped around my right side and i noticed i was losing sensation. In late December, i was woken up from sleep by a "hot poker" pain deep in my chest. It was pure misery from then on. I tried gabapentin, cymbalta, lidocaine patches, a TENS unit, tramadol, trazodone to sleep and nothing worked. I was ineligible for epidural steroid injections due to the spinal cord compression. With 8 protruding discs in my Thoracic spine alone, odds are i will need a epidural injection at some point and since my symptoms were progressing quickly, surgery was my choice. It did fix my pain that i had prior to surgery but, again, recovery is DIFFICULT. But, by doing this, i have opened up other options in the future if the need arises. Its a rare surgery and one i wouldnt jump into lightly but it can be done! I have seen several posts with people looking for info on Thoracic spine surgery so i thought i would pass my experience along!

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Hi, KathyRobinson--thank you so much for taking the time to share your spine surgery story! We have no doubt that visitors to our Community will find it comforting and beneficial to hear about someone else's experience with a thoracic laminectomy.

Your perspective on your own spine surgery makes us think you may find our blog about spine surgery interesting: ( Spine Surgery Advice ). This blog is written by a spine surgeon on our Editorial Board, and it paints a realistic picture of the full spine surgery experience. It also offers helpful tips for recovery, like this post: ( Spine Surgery Recovery - The Benefits of Hydrotherapy ).

We wish you a smooth, speedy, and full recovery!