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Why Pain Management

Started by SingleDadOf3Girls on 08/07/2017 10:18am

I had an Anterior Cervical Fusion Discectomy on C4-5 &C5-6 in 2013. Then had a L4Discetomy and then turned around and had a L4-L5 & L5-S1 Fusion in 2014. (A bracket in my neck & lower back).
Before this: I went through Hell in 2013-2015 With all the Nerve Blocks, MRI's, CT's, Rehab, Spinal Cord Stimulator and the 3 Surgeries that made me lose my job of 20yrs & lose my marriage of 20yrs, because of all the Severe Chronic pain I was in. Then finally, Southern Spine Specialist got my Chronic back/nerve pain where I still had Pain, but I could at least function because I have a 10yr old daughter that I am raising by myself. 
 I went from a Man that worked his ass off over half his life with a beautiful family to a Man who has to crawl into the shower after he makes a bowel movement , because he can't even wipe his own butt. I can't even drive like I use to anymore. All because of a L4-L5 & L5-S1 Discectomy Fusion Surgery that didn't heal right.
 I was told by my Surgeon that my last 2 options were  (1). Continue taking the medication I was taking, [which were (180)Hydrocodone 10/325 & (180)Tramadol 50mg], or (2). Go with a Pain Pump implanted in me. 
I stayed with my medication because it had me functional.
Even though up till June of this year, I couldn't hardly do anything because of the Chronic Back/Nerve Pain in my Right leg and the Neuropathy in both legs. I still could function enough to get my daughter up and ready for school and put her own & off the bus everyday. I will not let my daughter see me in pain because I am Superman to her.
Ever since I started going to this Pain Management I got pain in my neck that feels like it did before I had my Fusion Neck Surgery. The pain is going down my neck(Spine) into my shoulder blades. It's a constant aching discomfort pain. It also has my right arm and hand going numb. 
I also have a hot burning sensation on my spine(neck), above my bracket, going up into the back of my head. It has my head feeling like it's on fire and feeling dizzy, which is giving me a headache everyday. I haven't complained about my neck since my neck surgery. I started wearing my neck brace again, hoping it stops these headaches, dizziness, pain and numbness. 
The pain in my lower back is a constant aching pain going all the way across my waistline where my bracket is, down into my butt. Both legs are aching so bad it burns. The sharp nerve pain going down my right leg is the worst it has ever been. I have already fallen 4 times and they didn't end well at all. It has gotten so bad I had to send my daughter to her grandmother's house, because I can't function at all and I don't want her seeing me like this.
The medication[(60)Hydrcodone 7.5/325] she gave me didn't last long at all. She took me off my 2 original pain medications that had me functional. 
I feel like I'm going through Hell all over again, because of the severe pain I am in. Only this time, I don't have the help, support or the transportation like I did the first time I went through Hell. This will probably make me lose custody of my daughter.
I understand that YALL(pain management doctors) don't know about a new patient's past. It's just that why Yall are trying to get to know the patient and figuring out what to do- I (the patient) am still in pain.
It doesn't just stop, because it's waiting on the doctor.
If i have all the proof of my past everything to back my pain up, why do yall make us suffer?
Sorry about writing so much!!

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