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Sever back pain

Started by thesanpan on 07/25/2017 6:40pm

I have had a spinal stimulater in planted and it did no good also had spinal stenosis removed 15 years ago , had many injection , epidurals ect , nothing works , Ice packs , heat , pelvic exercise . I have tried everything , I take Tramidal

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Hi, thesanpan--thanks for your post! Perhaps a visit to a new spine specialist to get a second opinion on your case is a good idea. A fresh perspective might lend some new insight on other possible treatments to explore. You can read more about second opinions here: ( Second Opinions: Five Things About This Patient Right ).

Also, we have a doctor finder tool that can help you find qualified spine specialists near you: https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... .

We hope this information helps and wish you the best of luck in finding a treatment that helps reduce your pain!


Hello I saw This Post and wanted to share wirh anyone still 8n back pain over a year and a half. If your doctor has said your fusion is healed and you are still in alot of pain 8n your back or hips, preventing you from walking, sitting, laying down, and you dont feel better. You need to ask your surgon to remove the screws from surgery. I went through 5 yeats of back pain after fusion was done, because the screws were poking me every time I would walk, sit, lay down, no one told me I could and should have the screws removed. But after leaening I could have them out, I saw the dr. in 11-2013 and right away the side pain was gone, the back pain was still there but that because of the surgery, but little by little I got better and 5-2015 took a train trip up to Yosemite and began walking a mile every day in 4-2017. I had my life back no back brace, walker, wheelchair. Nothing. I am still on pain meds 3 times a day, smaller dosage and still tapering off, I was on high dosages of pain medication before screws were removed, but once removed went totally off oxycotin,over 1/2 the amount of Dilaudid and methadone. I hope this helps someone in pain sees this, and get the screws removed so they too will be pain free. I wish someone ekse would have posted this when I was in pain. Feel free to message me for more info. @ hope92020@gmail.com Travi Foster 8-2017