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Seriously nervous

Started by Jenchidester.jc on 07/12/2017 9:52pm

Over 20 years ago I was in a car wreck where I ended up with 3 herniated discs. I have had bsck pain ever since. 3 days ago I woke up and couldn't move I was in so much pain. I saw my Dr. and got another MRI the next day. Turns out not only are L5and S1 almost touching I have a compromised nerve. Ok so nothing new to anyone in this group, but from everything I have read, the spinal injections don't help. I am scared to death of needles as it is and avoid them at all cost and now they want to inject my most hurtful area? For something that might just be worse? As it is I can barely walk or stand completely up. So I need advise from people who have been there. Everyone I know offers their advice but none of them have been through this. Help! Please, I really need some input here people.

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Hi, Jenchidester! I'm so sorry you are going through all this pain! I had an epidural injection earlier this year at L5. I was also very nervous about having this done! However, once I got there, I spent a few minutes talking with the doctor who was doing the procedure about my anxiety. He used a spray to numb the skin. I could feel the pressure of the needle but not the pain. We chatted during the procedure which helped take my mind off what he was doing and it only took about 3 or 4 minutes from spray to finish, as I recall. Frankly, the injection did nothing for me, as I understand happens with many people. But it was a necessary step to get my insurance company to approve my eventual surgery. My advice is to talk with your doctors about your fear -- they hear it all the time! In fact, you might even want to tell them again when you make the appointment for your epidural. It's nothing to be embarrassed about and they can help you through it! Best wishes and let us hear how it goes!!


Hello, Jenchidester.jc--thanks for your post! Your fear of needles is a common one, and we understand your concerns around epidural spinal injections.

Sometimes, learning as much as you can about a treatment can help remove some of the fear (of course, it can do the opposite as well, but we are in the knowledge-is-power camp). With that said, we'd like to share some information with you about spinal injections:

( Spinal Injections Animation )
( Spinal Injection / Nerve Block Therapies for Back Pain )
( Drugs, Medications, and Spinal Injections for Herniated Discs )

Another thing to know: You don't have to have the injection if it makes you uncomfortable. There are other non-surgical therapies for herniated discs you can explore, and you can read all about them in our Herniated Disc Center ( Herniated Disc Center ). Rarely is there one single treatment that will prove successful for a spinal problem. So, ask about your other options if spinal injections aren't something you can be confident pursuing.

Keep us posted on how you're doing. We wish you all the best!


im sorry about what you are going thru.ive had a total of 8 injections and in my case and i believe most others they dont last long or at all and i believe that theres evidence of them causing cancer.i think you should try alternative treatment ,that could be more beneficial to you .chiro,spinal manipulation,inversion yoga .good luck