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Is this serious?

Started by michelle29 on 07/09/2017 8:07am

Hi jist wondering if anyone have any similar issues.

I got my xray results:

1. Posterior osteophytic lipping at c5
2. Schmorl's nodes at the T11 to L2 levels detected
3. Linear luancy at left L5 pars interarticularis defect
4. Osteophytic changes/Limbus vertebrae at L1, L2, L4 detected anteriorly

Ive been on lyrica, celebrax, myonal, ans supplements on off for 10 months and have been prescribed more. Not sure if I should be eating too much meds? Will the issues above come back to bite me if I ignore them for now? Because Im not in any persistent pain at the moment

I was previously involved in a couple of minor car accidents and I fall down alot.


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Hi, michelle29--thank you for taking the time to post!

We urge you to discuss your medication concerns with your prescribing doctor. When deciding whether medication is right for you, your doctor should not simply be thinking about how to manage your pain, but also your desire to potentially explore other conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, gentle exercise, or alternative treatments like acupuncture.

If you're concerned that your medication regimen is not right for you, perhaps visiting a different physician to evaluate your current medication list is a good idea. You can read more about second opinions and why they're often a good idea here ( Second Opinions: Five Things About This Patient Right ).

We hope this information is helpful. We think it's always a good idea to follow your doctor's advice, but there's nothing wrong with seeking a second opinion when your gut is telling you that something is off. We wish you the very best of luck!