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nerve ablation

Started by winky56 on 07/02/2017 11:05pm

I had a nerve ablation on my neck 3 weeks and a day ago. After the 1st week it was OK at 1st but a week to the day I went to emergency room. They were able to subside somewhat, gave me muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. It was kinda alright for another week or so. I am now suffering swollen neck,headaces, and muscle spasms. The dr has kinda been out due 2 holiday. HELP!!!

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winky, I just had 2 RF Ablations on my Lumbar at L5, left and right separately. I have also had Epidurals (5) = Other Injections (for Spodololysis & brokenPar Pain at L5). The Ablations are the Last Treatments I can possibly get. Nothing, has given me even a few hours of relief. Its 24/7 Chronic pain.

I'm told that the RF Ablation works for 75% of patients and can last a couple of years. I didn't get relief. While my pain area is certainly far distance wise in the spine from yours, its the same type procedure.

Contact the ER and Tell the Doc's Ans. Service the problems, You Should Get to the ER, and I'm sure your Doc's Service will tell you too.. Take some Tylenol right away. Like 3-4. Don't wait till tomorrow.


I also forgot to mention that these Ablations can take 3-4 weeks to take affect. You are obviously having an adverse reaction that is sudden, and therefore you should get to an ER.


Hi, winky56--we're sorry to hear about the pain you're experiencing!

We'd like to share this article with you ( Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment for Neck, Back and Sacroiliac Pain )--it's a good overview of this treatment and what to expect.

We recommend calling your doctor's office and asking to see a different provider if yours is out. If your pain is interfering with your daily life (as it appears to be), your doctor may prescribe you a pain reliever to help you manage the pain while the treatment takes effect.

We wish you the best of luck!