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Started by 123spine on 06/29/2017 8:36pm

Hi everyone!! I was just recently told I have bertolotti syndrome. I am 20 years old and the pain started this past march. I am a division 1 college tennis player so this isnt the best news. My doctor gave me a few options that include; injections, surgery, and just working hard at strengthening my core. What are your thoughts on surgery? I have two years left of college tennis and dont want them to be misterable. This pain doesnt seem like it will go away anytime soon either. My doctor said he would do a fusion. Keep in mind athletics is my life I workout and play tennis everyday in college. very bad news. please let me know what you think about getting surgery etc.

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Hi, 123spine--thank you for your post! Your question about whether you should proceed with spine surgery is a common one. Ultimately, it's a very personal decision.

We have a blog on SpineUniverse called Spine Surgery Advice that we think you'd be interested in, and we'd like to share two posts, in particular:

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If you and your doctor believe surgery is the best option, our advice is to learn as much as you can about the procedure--the benefits, risks, recovery time, and how you should expect to feel and function after the surgery. We have some articles that can help you have a productive visit with your surgeon before the procedure:

( 5 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon Prior to Back Surgery )
( Spine Surgery: Questions to Ask Your Doctor )

We hope this information helps, and we wish you the very best of luck with whatever path you choose!