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Numbness and tingling

Started by Heather Roberts on 06/05/2017 7:30pm

Ok i have 5 buldging disc and 3 are herniated. It's been like this for more than 10 yrs. But now I am experiencing numbness in my right arm and fingers plus I have a tingling in my ear constantly which feels like I have a bug crawling in my ear. Is this something I should take seriously because I don't want to waste my time going to Dr's and hearing the same thing. They can't find nothing. The ear tingling has been going on now for about 2 months.

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Hi, Heather--thanks for your question! We completely understand your desire to protect your time--and few things are more frustrating than when you feel your pain isn't really being taken seriously. But, since you're experiencing numbness and tingling (these are called neurologic symptoms), we recommend visiting your doctor. These symptoms may indicate a nerve(s) is impacted.

We found a couple articles that you may find interesting as well. They both address when you should see your doctor for herniated disc pain:
( Symptoms of a Herniated Disc )
( When Should You Visit a Doctor for Herniated Disc Pain? )

We think it's better to be safe than sorry, so seeing your doctor may be the best idea. We wish you the very best!