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Artifical lumber disc replacement

Started by AADoc on 06/04/2017 3:12pm

Any one with recent experience of L5S1 artificial disc replacement and want to share their experience?
I have a degenerated L5S1 disc with a herniation that was very big 5 years back but shrank to a large extent in few months but clinically I kept on deteriorating year by year. All conservative treatment failed . Sitting is worst followed by walking and standing.
Suffering for last 5 years and gearing myself together to under go surgery. Fusion or artifical disc is a big question. No words to describe the mental and physical exuastion. Nothing could be this much bad!!!@

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Hi, AADoc--thanks for posting your question! We hope other visitors to the Community share their experiences with artificial disc replacement with you.

While we don't have any personal stories to share about artificial disc replacement, we have a lot of great content about one of the questions you note in your post--fusion or artificial disc?

We hope these resources help as you prepare for your procedure:
( Should I Consider Artificial Disc Replacement for My Back or Neck Pain? )
( Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery )
( Low Back Spinal Fusion vs an Artificial Disc Implant )

Regardless how you decide to move forward, we hope the treatment you choose reduces your pain and improves your quality of life. We wish you the very best of luck!