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remove spinal fusion

Started by Motox270 on 06/01/2017 12:39am

Fell off my roof in may 2015 fractured a few vertebra. So had spine fused between t9 and t 12. All this time pain just keeps getting worse. Now they want to remove hardware. They think thats causing pain which i agree. has anyone had removal of hardware after 2and 1/2 years pretty scared . But cant deal with pain anymore.

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Hi, Motox270--thanks for your question. While we don't have a similar experience to share, we wanted to reach out to support you and let you know that many others have been in your shoes. Sometimes, instrumentation problems happen and can result in pain--much like what you're experiencing.

Spine surgeons take a lot of factors into account before deciding to remove problematic instrumentation--and sometimes, it makes more sense to leave the instrumentation in place even though it causes pain. Your surgeon has evaluated your specific situation and decided that given the length of time after your surgery and location of the instrumentation (in addition to many other factors), removing it is the best option for you. Our best advice is simply to have open and honest conversations with your surgeon: Understanding risks and benefits of surgery will help you feel confident about your treatment.

We wish you the best of luck and hope the removal of the instrumentation successfully reduces your pain. Keep us posted!


Hi, Motox270! From the title of your post, I'm wondering if you may be confusing the hardware and the fusion. The hardware is put in place to hold the bones stable while your body does the fusing! As I understand it, once the bone fusion is healed and solid, taking the hardware out will not "remove" the fusion. I would suggest checking with your doctor to confirm this is the case for you. Meanwhile, hang in there! Best wishes!


I had lumbar spinal fusion done 3 months ago. I can walk again but I have lots of pain where the hardware is placed. I had that same question for my doctor. My Neurosurgeon said it may be possible in a few years.
I went online to see if anyone has done this since I am a little hesitant to go through major surgery again. I found this man who posted a YouTube video about having his hardware removed and how great the experience was. I will definitely be having mine removed in a few years. Check out his post. Spinal Fusion - Hardware Out by treadbroker.