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Posted in: Back pain.

Struggling with pain

Started by Dtighe on 05/11/2017 8:43am

It's been a long road, since 2006, while working in a nursing home
A patient almost 600 pounds fell on top of me, with me only 94 pounds my self, it was more then words can describe..
Almost 11 years later, I've been through 6 back surgeries and unfortunately with no help...
The rods in my back, are out of place, and have been that way for 3 years now, I no longer see the doctor who perform all 6 surgeries due to Unnecessary surgeries,
The only care I'm under is my family doctor who I see every month faithfully who also handles all my medications.
With also an attorney involved...
I'm not so sure how to put this, but with little words,
I'm at a stand still, and fighting pain every day with only getting worse with trying to find another doctor to, want to look at my back is the hardest thing ever!!!! I get all the stress I've caused everyone through out this all, and the fact, anyone understanding is hard... I push myself every day
And sometimes regret it!!! The anger build up inside me, is killing me, because it hurts, the pain is just so mean,
Going on almost 11 years with this, has also effected
My thinking, always being so confused,
I spend a lot of my time in the bath, and very little sleep due to the rods
Just bulging Out of my back.
I know there's others worse off then myself, and i try my best every day but lately it's getting the best of me.
I just hope some day to find some answers,!!!

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Hello, Dtighe--thanks so much for reaching out to us. We are so, so sorry to read about all you've been through. We can't imagine the pain you deal with on a daily basis. Please know, though, that you are not alone. Many people understand what you're going through--and many visit this Community. We hope they will share their stories with you.

One thing we hear often is that people feel that they've lost loved ones because of their chronic pain.
It can be hard--almost impossible--for others to understand how you feel,
but we would like to share this article with you. ( How to Support a Loved One With Chronic Spine-related Pain ) It might be something you share with your loved ones.

Our best advice is to not stop looking for answers. See different doctors. Ask about different treatment. Stand by what you're doing through, and don't hide your pain. We believe an answer is out there for you, and we wish you the very best of luck.


I am so sorry to hear about your awful pain, were the rods for scoliosis? I have scoliosis, am 64 and just got it last year, it makes my other pain issues worse. They want to do that surgery to me, but I think it would make my herniated discs worse. Hope your doc is giving you good meds. It is so frustrating, living with pain.


Have you discussed with your doctor about having the rods removed? I had a surgeon want to put rods in my back because of my scoliosis. I did not go along with it. I'm in bad pain this month because of weak pain meds.