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Nerve Pain

Started by TraciG on 04/29/2017 8:51am

7 Weeks ago, I had back surgery. Much worse than expected when they got in there. Had to fuse L4, L5, S1, new discs at L4/L5 & had several years of calcification around the tendons & ligaments under S1 they had to scrape p& clean out. So I ended up with 2 rods, 6 screws 2 new discs & a stabilizer. I felt good the first 2 weeks after surgery, then had a terrible reaction to my meds. Had to go over a week with nothing for pain. Took a set back there. Started feeling good again till week 6. I've been having terrible pain in my right hip & growing area. Then when I lay down I have this excruciating burning like on fire pain all through out my thigh. While I had nerve pain in my leg before nothing like this. The doctor says they had to do a lot of work just give it time, it's normal. Has anyone else experienced this & can tell me it will get better? Thanks

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Hi, TracyG--we are sorry to read about the nerve pain you're experiencing after spine surgery! Spine surgery can take a long time to fully recover from, but it's always good to trust your gut. We're glad you talked to your doctor about the pain.

In the weeks after your surgery, have you had any follow-up appointments with your surgeon? These appointments will usually include x-rays or CT scans to make sure your bones are healing properly. These scans might also show any new nerve compression that could be causing your pain.

If your surgeon hasn't mentioned anything out of the ordinary after these follow-up visits, it sounds like your recovery is going as planned. It's frustrating, we know, that spine surgery comes with long--and often painful--recoveries.

Keep us posted on how you're doing. We hope you start feeling better with each passing day!


I had l2,3,4,5,S1 fused 13 weeks ago. For the first month I had very severe pain on the insides of both thighs, and into the feet. Neuro surgeon said it was normal and would go away, it did but still have numbness in those areas. I had the surgery because of numbness and burning in my right foot. Th burning went away for abt six weeks after surgery but then returned. It's still there and I am considering the surgery a failure. I also could not lay down without a great deal of pain immediately after surgery. It felt like it was on fire just as you described. I also had much trouble with pain meds. Assuming your pain was originating from your back and was successfully de compressed you will be fine . The surgery pain WILL go away. I only hope the reason you had the surgery was successfully resolved.
Bill C