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Narcotics post fusion L3=5 laminectomy

Started by Jake8116 on 04/14/2017 9:27am

Surgery Jan 18, still on narcotics and soma muscle relaxers I can have several normal days low pain level and go out to dinner sit on a wooden chair for over an hour and when I stand I am in level 10 pain with muscles spasms, usually better by the next day when i become a couch potato -- the same thing has happened several times

Can this be normal? Has i ever happened to anyone here?

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Yes it can be considered normal. When fusions are performed the spine has been altered and what one can do before the surgery cannot be done after. I have had 5 spine surgeries, and my life has been for ever altered. Be sure and stand up every 10 to 15 mins when sitting. I wish you well and with time your spine will adjust to the surgery.


Hi, Jake8116--thanks for posting about your spine surgery recovery. We're sure many people in this Community can relate to your experience!

What you describe doesn't sound particularly abnormal to us, but you should trust your gut. If something is telling you that your recovery isn't going as it should, contact your spine surgeon to know for sure. You may discover that things are going just fine, but at least you'll get some peace of mind.

Spine surgery--even if performed using minimally invasive techniques--is a big deal. Recovery experiences vary so widely from person to person that it often takes your spine surgeon to tell you exactly how things are progressing. To help explain more about recovery expectations, we'd like to share a blog post from a spine surgeon that you might be interested in: ( What Should I Expect after Spine Surgery? ).

You may have a few more months of recovery ahead of you, but our fingers are crossed that you'll feel less pain on a more regular basis very soon. Best of luck to you!