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Started by Aussie57 on 04/01/2017 1:43am


I recently had a CT that showed a lumbar nerve completely bare, no myelin sheath. I've had FBSS for past 18 years following failed fusion L3-S1, resorption of allograft within weeks of surgery, dead body parts including my vagina, relentless nerve pain, incontinence and now my back is completely shot with DDD, stenosis, scoliosis, disc bulges in lumbar, thoracic and cervical regions. I suffer with chronic back pain, relentless electric shocks down legs into feet, burning pain, muscle and foot spasms, leg and arm dropouts, intermittent spasticity and my thermo regulator is on the blink. I live in a small rural community in NSW Australia and it's an hours drive to the nearest town for help. The CT has not been followed up on from the referring GP at the time and he is no longer here, so I was hoping to get some clarity from the professionals on this website. Should I be concerned about cancer and can this condition cause the electric shocks? I have a history of cancer and also multiple benign tumours, an ovarian one was the size of a football. I have tried google but found nothing on the subject. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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Hi, Kerrie57--we are so sorry to hear about all you've been through. While we can't offer you any medical advice, we think you should receive follow up on your most recent CT scan. You might consider calling your GP's office and asking if a different doctor can review the scan and follow up with you directly, so you have a thorough explanation of what your imaging test found and what you should do about it. If that's not possible, perhaps you could take the CT scan to a different clinic for consultation.

Your imaging scans can tell you so much about the state of your body and what treatment might help improve your quality of life. You deserve to understand exactly what they show, so we hope you're able to find answers soon. We wish you the very best of luck!