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Posted in: Back pain.

Lower back pain for 2 weeks now

Started by spinestruck on 03/26/2017 12:28am

Hi there,
I started with a lower back pain 2 weeks ago. I applied the pain relied cream an after 3 days it was almost gone. But I would feel stress when carrying my lap top at work to meetings. I work out pretty regularly. But since the ache, I have not.
Right now the pain is almost nill, but I have some really mild pain in the left side. I feel stress when I try to turn the right side at night during sleep.
I have never had a back pain last this long at all. When I went to the doc she told me, to just continue being physically active but not to strain my back and run on the treadmill. She said come back if the pain still subsides after 2 weeks and if I cannot control my urine and bowel moments. I haven't had any problems with that but I am still starting to worry cuz it's taking to long to go away.
I haven't had any accidents or injuries recently or even any fractures in my life.
Any thoughts or advice?

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Hi, spinestruck--thanks for posting your question. We're sorry to hear about the bout of low back pain you're experiencing.

It can be unsettling when you have back pain for 2 straight weeks--especially if you've never experienced this type of pain before. Unfortunately, low back pain is extremely common. But there are lots of ways to treat it and prevent it from interfering in your life too much.

We have a lot of great content on low back pain, and we'd think you might find this article interesting ( Low and Lower Back Pain Center ). It has some advice on things you can do at home to reduce pain and shares when you need to see your doctor. Since your back pain has hung around for 2 weeks, it's probably time to visit your doctor again.

We hope your low back pain subsides soon. Keep us posted on how you're doing!