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Sudden onset of severe back pain

Started by Jennifer Wanber... on 03/11/2017 3:12am

5+ years ago I had a L4-S1 fusion because of degenerative disk disease. Rods and screws still in my back. Surgery was amazing and have suffered just minimally since. But one week ago I fell, actually pulled down by my very large lab dog. I am not fully aware of what my body did when I fell but I cut up my knee, have road rash on my arm and my lower ribs hurt bilaterally. This evening I bent over and now I am in the most/worst pain I ever remember being in. It is alleviated some by laying down. Standing is awful and walking is out of the question.

My question is could I have broken the fusion where the rods and screws are still in place? Could I have knocked the hardware loose?

Any help /advice would be greatly appreciated if anyone has had this happen.

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Hi, Jennifer--we are sorry to hear about your fall! While we can't comment on whether the fall impacted your fusion, we do think your pain warrants a trip to the doctor. The clear way to tell if your fall impacted your fusion is if your doctor orders imaging scans (like an x-ray or MRI) to see your spine. Even if your fusion was unaffected by the fall, the scans may illuminate a completely separate problem in the spine (such as a herniated disc).

Here's hoping your pain subsides soon, and that this fall only left you with some bumps and bruises that heal on their own! Keep us posted on how you're doing.