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DEA, Physicians

Started by Clk1229 on 02/27/2017 10:48pm

I have read all the discussions throughout these panels and I too am suffering and I'm waiting for what my primary will do at my next visit. What is it that we can do to take on the DEA in the positions regarding these issues something does have to be done just not sure how to go about it. They are running our lives as if they have the right to and they have no right to do so. I wish someone out there could give me an answer so that we can take these guys on once and for all and get it over with.

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I'm not quite certain what exactly you are talking about but guessing you may have experienced some of the bull crap I have. I had my neck fusion in March, it's may now. I have had nothing but trouble getting my meds filled. I literally went to every cvs and Walgreens from one end of metro Atlanta to the other, trying to fill my oxycontin meds and couldn't find them at any of the pharmacies, which had to be about 15. I'm wasn't able to drive yet so I had to get someone to drive me through terrible traffic. The attitudes of almost every pharmacy was very poor and dismissive. When I asked if they could order the medicine, every pharmacy with the exception of one wouldn't do it. It's really frustrating to be post op and in tremendous pain and have nowhere to go. I have to use main pharmacies as my meds are covered by an accident rx card. It takes a lot to even get the doctor to prescribe these medicines, forced to be drug tested and treated like a criminal, just to not be able to even find the medicine! Something has to give!