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Chronic lower back pain

Started by Paul Lightley on 02/13/2017 8:58pm

I've had this on n off 24 years but the last 10 years have stopped me from working as I've gone from spasms occasionally to constant back pain throughout my lower back. I've been diognosed with Psioriatic Arthritis,hyper mobility and chondromalacia patella. I'm taking Morphine Sulphate. Fentynol patches and methertrexate with leflumomide daily for the past 7 years along with a stretching regime and nothing is working and my back and joints seem to be progressively getting worse now. Is there anyone out there in my position as well with any advice or just someone who wishes to talk about this to just share as this does get very depressing

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Hi, I understand thats very depressing. I injured my back and its been a total of 27 years now. 8 years ago it went out all the way and I finally had the fusion 7 years ago. Have they not suggested fusion or ADR? I'm surprised at the pain meds they have you on since you have not had any surgery.

Have they tried any injections or things to see if blocking the pain helps or bracing? If you are able to walk, swim and or do pilates or modified ones to keep your core and body strong of course this is best.

I feel your pain. Wish I could offer you more help. Second opinions?


Hi, Paul--thanks for sharing your experience in our Community. We are sorry to hear about what you're going through.

Have you had a conversation with your doctor about your pain? If so, do you feel like you're being heard? If you have a good relationship with your doctor, perhaps it's time to discuss your current treatment regimen to determine if any changes need to be made (such as reevaluating your current prescription drug list or discussing the possibility of injections for short-term relief).

If you feel like your pain isn't being acknowledged by your current medical team, it might be worthwhile to seek a second opinion. We have an article that might help you consider this option--it's slanted toward spine surgery, but we think you'll still find it interesting ( Second Opinion on Spine Surgery: Rude or Smart? ).

You shouldn't have to live in debilitating pain, and we hope you find some relief soon. Keep us posted on how you're doing!