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Chronic back pain and changing pain mgmt. drs

Started by Ziggy on 02/12/2017 9:57pm


I'm new here but I've read a lot of posts here, and on other forums.

Last year I was diagnosed with lumbar DDD and stenosis, lumbar facet joint arthritis, chronic bilateral low back pain with bilateral sciatica, and spondylosis of lumbar region.

I've been going to a pain clicic for 5-6 months. The only provider there is a NP and she will not listen to anything I have to say. Every question is answered with, "You have to take your medication exactly as prescribed".

I've been takin Norco 10/325, one every 8 hours. I've tried to tell her they don't last 8 hours, maybe 6 at the most. They do help with the pain, they just don't last for 8 hours. Before I can ask what my options are, she responds like a broken record, "You have to take your medication exactly as prescribed".

I want to find a doctor who is willing to listen and communicate. My PC physician won't write a referral because he says pain is good, it reminds us we're alive.

The doctor I saw at the spine center I went to left last month and they will assign me to another doctor. He prescribed Gabapentin, which helps a little, I think, it's hard to tell. I'm taking 1800 mgs a day. I'm going to call them and get a new spine doctor, and ask if one of the spine doctors will refer me to a pain doctor.

I'm so aggravated about this pain clinic I go to, should I just stop going, or call and tell them I don't want to see them any more. I'm not sure about the best way to go about leaving this hellhole before I find another pain doctor. I'd rather be in pain than put up with any more from this place, the aggravation is not worth it.


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Hi, Ziggy! I'm sorry to hear about your chronic pain! You didn't mentioned what you have tried to treat your spinal problems besides meds. Have you seen a neurosurgeon to discuss options? I'd definitely recommend you do -- they can help you identify the best plan for your care (not just surgery). Please let us know how you're doing!