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Finding pain management Dr.

Started by Connie Ratcliff on 02/10/2017 3:10pm

I have been told told I a a chronic condition. I can't seem to to find a Dr. who seems to agree. The one who diagnosed this and used to treat me for this said I was suddenly cured!! How do herniated alsdiscs heal themselves!? He also gave me pain block injections, when they no longer worked, I am cured! I have severe degenerate disk Annandale joint drseasr. How can I I find dsome relief!!!! I can't take much more

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Hi, Connie Ratcliff--we are sorry to read about all you've been through with your medical team. It's essential to find clinicians who acknowledge your pain and help craft treatment plans specific to you. It sounds like you may need to get a second opinion from other medical professionals. Have you checked out our doctor finder tool https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... ? You can find qualified spine specialists in your area who are skilled at treating spinal pain.

Your pain deserves consideration and attention--and we hope you find a medical team who provides that level of care. We wish you the very best!