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Lumbar spinal fusion

Started by Gaston on 02/07/2017 4:19am

I'm a 57 years old male who's been dealing with lower back issues since 1999 year after this I had a Laminectomy/Disceptomy in L4L5 after been injured at work, but unfortunately this surgery did not go as expected because the very next day of it they made me stand up and I felt a scruciating pain and I knew deep inside that something was no t right, after complaining for several months the Dr. toll me that my pain was in my head, so he send me to PT but nothing do the trick , so I went with my pain and frustration to see a pain management Dr. who treat me for about five years till nothing else can be done, not mentioned that I was been treated for severe depression and anxiety by a phsiquiatrist. In 2007 I snap out of the heavy narcotics and antidepressants and I started doing exercise to get in shape on my own and slowly but surely I started to feel better, I though I was finally seen the light on the end of the tunnel, until in 2010 I was assault brutally and cowardly by a player in a soccer game as a referee, since that very moment my life really turn for the worst. In June 2013 I had my second surgery but still continue with pain afterworks, after a bunch of test the Dr. decided to have a third surgery but this time he decided to put a device called Coflex to enhance the spinal canal in order to fix permanently what was bother me, so this was done on May 10 2014, so right after been in the hospital for four days they send me home, but no one couldn't imagine what happened ten days after, over the sudden I started feeling weird and uneasy, then I call my wife and toll her that something is very wrong because I was having severe tremors and a excruciating and unbearable pain in both legs, then I knew I was in trouble, I was taken to the nearest ER and after I explain the situation the ER Dr. order a several test and when the results arrive he give me a very bad news, I was bleeding internally and fluids were accumulated in my spinal cord due to the device ( coflex )I have in moves and for that reason they need to be take care of right of way because my life was in danger and can not wait any longer and the only way to fix it was to have a emergency surgery to repair the damage, so just ten days after the third one I was preparing for a fourth one, can you believed it, so the Neurosurgeon decided to have a fusion from L3 to S1. The surgery took four to five hours , later on I was toll by my wife that the surgery was complicated and that they lost me twice in the OR due to a massive lost of blood. It was so bad that I was 21 days in the hospital recuperating. It took several months to get better, but guess what, they took the pain away from my legs but until now still my lower back pain remains. Since December of 2016 I got worse, on top after keep complaining about the pain they run some other test and they find out that the fusion did not grasp as expect it and one of the pedicle screws is fracture, so no wonder I feel what I feel, but this Dr. toll us that is not uncommon and that I'm one of the patients who are in this category; the most troubleling thing to hear was that he toll me that I can live with that and unless I have another bad situation like the previous he won't go in there to repair it, can you believe it. Now I been seen by another neurosurgeon and after he had me done several New test he finally came with the conclusion that the root of my pain come from the two upper levels, and he suggest to have another surgery to repair complete the problem , so what's next is fuse two more level up and hope for the best, by the way I'm dealing with the thoughts to deal with this again and I'm schedule for my fith surgery on March of 2017. Please keep me in your prayers.

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Hi, Gaston--thanks for taking the time to share your story. We are so sorry to hear about your nearly 20-year struggle with low back pain. We are sure others in this Community can understand your pain, and you sharing your experience might help them not feel alone.

We truly hope your upcoming surgery is successful with a smooth recovery. Please keep us posted on your progress!