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Understanding MRI of Cervical Spine

Started by Michelle Arnold on 02/07/2017 4:18am

My mother handed me her MRI report of her cervical spine with and without contrast earlier, hoping I could explain it to her, considering I am a certified Medical Assistant. I understand the medical terms but am hoping someone here can help me. This is what the report states:
FINDINGS: There is surgical hardware posteriorly at C3-4 and anteriorly at C4, C5 and C6. Alignment appears stable compared to the prior radiographs. There is multilevel disc space narrowing and endplate degenerative change. Imaged portions of the posterior fossa are normal. Marrow signal is age-appropriate. The craniocervical junction is normal. Subtle T2 signal in the ventral cord at the level of C7 suggestive of myelomalacia or short syrinx.

C2-3: No significant abnormality

C3-4: There is substantial hardware artifact at this level. No high-grade spinal stenosis is evident. Probable mild LEFT foraminal narrowing and endplat osteophyte formation.

C4-5: There is substantial surgical hardware artifact. No high-grade spinal stenosis. Mild LEFT greater than RIGHT foraminal narrowing.

C5-6: There are hypertrophic changes in the LEFT facet with the endplate osteophytes causing moderate LEFT foraminal narrowing. No spinal stenosis. No RIGHT foraminal narrowing.

C6-7: Moderate LEFT foraminal narrowing due to facet hypertrophy and endplate osteophyte formation. No spinal stenosis or RIGHT foraminal stenosis of significance.

C7-T1: Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing. No spinal stenosis.

OTHER: No abnormal enhancement evident, though evaluation is markedly limited at the surgical levels by hardware artifact.

1. Multilevel postsurgical change as above which limits evaluation.
2. Multilevel degenerative change with endplate osteophyte formation and facet hypertrophy. This causes variable degrees of foraminal narrowing primarily on the LEFT most notably at C5-6 and C6-7 as described above.
3. Short segment of T2 signal at C7 in the ventral cord possibly due to prior surgery or focal myelomalacia/demyelination.

I realize noone can give medical advice online but any help deciphering this information will be greatly appreciated.

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From the sounds of it, your Mom has had similar surgery to my own? Plates and fusion? It looks like from what the report says that due to age for one, there are slight changes (osteophyte formation) and the foraminal narrowing .. You would also be getting more and more degenerative changes as time goes on..
The one thing I would ask her doctor about is #3 under impressions..Short segment of T2 signal at C7 in the ventral cord possibly due to prior surgery or focal myelomalacia/demyelination. That could give her some problems and should be looked into..